Why Choose a Custom Bearing?
It’s simple: Your standard bearing is costing – not saving – you money. How? It’s “over-specified.”

A standard bearing often appears to be cheaper than a custom bearing. But that cheaper, standard alternative is actually costing you, especially when you consider:

Standard bearings:
  • Are often larger than required
  • Make your design more complex
  • Force your design to accommodate the bearing
  • Require your design to protect the bearing from corrosion/deterioration
As a result of over-specification, you can miss the opportunity to:
  • Create a product that is optimized for purpose and life cycle
  • Capture savings by reducing the overall number of components in your design
  • Reduce the size and cost of more expensive components that are made to accommodate a standard bearing
  • Use non-standard materials that provide corrosion and abrasion protection
Over-specification can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars in avoidable costs. If cost containment, productivity and quality are among the metrics by which you are measured, don’t proceed with your standard bearing just yet.

Download our “How to Reduce Cost and Boost Product Quality with a Custom Bearing tip sheet.” This will help you identify if the bearing currently specified is actually the best fit for your application. By “best fit” we mean: right size, right degree of complexity, right material and much more.

The experienced bearings design engineers at National Bearings Company specialize in helping product engineers specify the bearing that best fits the product need.

Let us help you reduce costs, drive out unnecessary product complexity, speed time to market and boost product quality.

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