About National Bearings

  National Bearings specializes in designing true customized bearings for your product / application.

Your company and your products are measured by their ability to work as expected. Often, a custom-designed and manufactured bearing is a significant component of product success.

Creating the ideal fit for your application includes considering space, load-bearing needs, operating environment, speed, lifecycle and more. Our engineers have decades of experience in bearing and assembly design and have created thousands of bearings and components in our nearly 100 years of operation.

National Bearings also has hundreds of bearings that are tooled and easily adapted to meet your design needs should an off-the-shelf solution support your application.

The flexibility to create a custom and ideal fit lies completely within our 45,000 sq. ft. facility where our bearing design and manufacturing capabilities include processes such as stamping, machining, injection molding, and subassembly.

We utilize the latest design technologies to develop the right combination of materials, processes and inspection techniques. As a result, we can work with your engineers to design a solution that will provide the ideal bearing assembly for your product.

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