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Angular Contact Bearings We manufacture light duty, angular contact bearings in different configurations allowing for wide varieties of applications. Designed to be used with plastic and metal tubes, shafts, or axles, they work well virtually anywhere both radial and axial loads are applied.

National Bearings can also integrate some additional features into the design of your angular contact bearing. Designs like this can reduce the overall number of components needed in the application and simplify the assembly process. Features that can be customized include:
  • Non-bearing features
  • Extended shapes in the inner and/or outer race
  • Color coding for orientation
  • Packaging for easy assembly
Contact BearingOptional specifications for angular contact bearings include finish, lubrication, materials and ball type and grade. Our specialty is custom manufacturing application-specific product to exactly match our customers' needs.

Cup and Cone Retainers Cup & Cone Retainers
National Bearings' Cup and Cone Retainers are engineered for use in angular contact bearing applications. The strength of the retainer, plus its ability to hold and separate balls, is obtained by National's unique method of manufacture and assembly of the ball in the retainer. In this method, the metal is "wrapped around" the ball to provide maximum ball retention with minimum friction between ball and cage.

For years, the cup and cone retainer has been thought of as a "bicycle ball bearing," but realizing its possibilities, engineers have developed a host of new applications for it. For instance, opposing cup and cone retainers provide an economical combination radial and thrust bearing. The one-piece assembly permits automated assembly with machined, stamped, or plastic molded parts.

In addition to the "standard" items listed, National will design cup and cone retainers for any special application.