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About National Bearings | Capabilities

  National Bearings offers hassle-free concept to production bearing design and manufacturing services designed to provide you with a customized bearing solution for your application.

In many ways, the success of your end product depends on the ability for your bearing to perform. That’s why our engineers collaborate with you up-front to ensure that your bearing is designed to work perfectly before production even begins.

Our manufacturing processes include metal stamping, screw machining, injection molding, metal surface finishing and assembly operations. Technological advances, such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software,3D Printing, CNC machining, and automated manufacturing processes have enabled us to produce higher quality products in a more cost-effective manner.

Subassemblies and Components
National's manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, stamping, injection molding, and assembly. As an added level of service to you, we can provide subassemblies, which can reduce onsite final assembly of your product.

In 2006, we formed a separate division known as National Qualpec to utilize our core competencies by manufacturing non-bearing products. Components sold through National Qualpec carry the same high quality as products sold by National Bearings. To learn more, please visit National Qualpec.

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