Why Choose National Bearings for Your Medical Device Design?
It’s simple: You can count on us for cost containment, product performance and supporting your innovation in medical device design.

National Bearings Medical Device Bearings Case StudyWhen your next medical device design calls for bearings or subassemblies, National Bearings Company is your best choice. With decades of proven experience, we help medical device design engineers specify the right bearing for their specific application.

Successful medical device design requires design engineers to be innovative while also maintaining costs and working within a stringent regulatory environment. It’s a tall order in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. For unparalleled performance, choose National Bearings. Our bearing engineers will meet and exceed your most demanding application requirements, while always adhering to the rigorous quality control standards of the medical industry.

Whether in the early stage of product design or in the throes of a product performance issue, our engineering team will collaborate with you to select the best possible bearing option.

With National Bearings you’ll experience:

  • Design freedom — It’s hard to be innovative when part of your design is restricted by standard, off-the-shelf components. Stop designing your product around the size or capabilities of a standard bearing. Collaborate with National Bearings for a custom design that will boost product performance and innovation.

  • Design beyond the bearing — When you innovate with us for a complete subassembly solution, you experience cost containment and improved application efficiency. Involve us early in the process to design and manufacture your subassembly unit — bearing, pin, mounting bracket, etc. — and we will help you eliminate substantial costs and experience better productivity. When you have National Bearings manufacture all the parts of your subassembly, you ensure matching tolerances and enhanced component compatibility. The end result: increased performance, reduced investment, and support for design innovation.

  • Collaboration — Work hand-in-hand with a bearing specialist to overcome development challenges. Custom bearings can rise to the challenges of sterilization, corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility and space constraints. Our design team will work with you to ensure that your bearing solution addresses all the situations you might face.

  • Valuable design analysis — We can review and make recommendations on your specifications to ensure optimum design for manufacturability. Our reputation for product quality and superior results comes into play to assist you with a solid evaluation of your design, offering suggestions on how a customized solution might save you money, increase efficiency, or improve time to market.

Learn more about National Bearings’ experience in medical device bearings and subassemblies. Download our case study in which we help a manufacturer with premature product failure overcome the core issue and significantly drive down costs while boosting performance. See how our collaborative approach assisted in solving this significant challenge.

Download our Bearing Specification Tip Sheet to learn about the 6 ways in which your standard bearing may actually be costing you money.

Or, call a Sales Engineer at 1-800-243-3374 to discuss your unique product application.
Using a Standard Bearing?
On the face of it, a standard bearing appears to be a cheaper, easier “fit.” But standard bearings are often the wrong fit.

While you, as a medical device designer, will consider the bearings’ most basic functionality requirements; a bearing engineer will collaborate with you to identify other needs and properties that will take your device’s performance to even higher levels.

When medical device designers and bearing engineers work collaboratively in the early stages of a project, product quality, lead time, and overall performance of the device are improved.

Our bearing engineers can help you reduce costs, avoid production issues, and speed time to market. Download our Bearing Specification Tip Sheet or call one of our Sales Engineers at 1-800-243-3374 to find out more!
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Improve Product Quality with a Custom Bearing