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custom thrust bearings, radial bearings, and angular bearings
Custom Bearing Products   National Bearings custom designs bearings and bearing components to fit your applications. Our engineering team works with you to create a product that addresses space restrictions, load and speed requirements, environmental effects, and assembly needs.

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Design to Fit Your Space
Our designs give you optimum performance in the space available. Whether your application requires a complete bearing or a standalone component, National will work with you to create the right solution for your situation. Often our solutions are custom designed to create the ideal “fit.” While National has hundreds of bearings that are tooled and easily adapted to meet your design needs and space limitations, our up-front collaborative, needs analysis process sometimes determines that an existing bearing won’t successfully fulfill your requirement. If a bearing does not exist, National creates it by customizing a bearing’s key dimensions.

Design to Carry Your Load & Speed
Bearings can be designed to carry loads from ounces to tons. By changing the size and count of the balls or needles, bearings can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your application.

Design to Survive the Elements
Environmental conditions must be addressed in every effective bearing design. Corrosion, friction and temperature can be controlled through careful design. Customizations, such as type of material, lubrication, surface finishing, and shields (where applicable) also allow you to match a bearing to the specific operating environment of your application.

Design to Simplify your Assembly
National Bearings can produce a complete bearing as well as individual components. We have the ability to review your application design and identify opportunities to combine multiple components or functions. Fewer individual components can result in easier assembly on the production line and reduced SKU’s in your inventory. In addition, National can provide value-added services for better inventory control such as kitting, specialized packaging and kanbaning.

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