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Custom Radial Bearing

  Custom designed radial bearings from National offer the design engineer flexibility to create the ideal bearing. Rather than compromising the design to accommodate a standard bearing, a custom radial bearing can be tailored to meet the space, load, life cycle and performance criteria required. A properly designed bearing solution can reduce energy consumption, reduce wear, decrease deterioration, and simplify product assembly.

The following options address the full scope of load capacity.
  • Steel Outer Race: Able to achieve the highest load capacity.
  • Insert-Molded Outer Race: Combines the best of steel for heavy load bearing and the smooth quietness of plastic.
  • Plastic Outer Race: Ideal for lighter carrier applications, the plastic outer race operates smoothly and quietly.
  • Plastic Roller Assembly: A low cost solution for the lightest load applications. Design consists of a plastic wheel paired with metal stud.

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