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When you look to National Bearings for a complete subassembly for your application, you can reduce inventory management costs, extend your manufacturing capacity, and improve product performance.

The benefits of letting us provide your subassembly include:
  • Reduced SKUs to manage and consolidate supplier base
  • Eliminated need for expensive assembly equipment that only runs as-needed
  • Ability to expand your manufacturing capabilities without investing capital or hiring additional employees
We also encourage you to consider bringing us in at the beginning of your production process. We call it “designing beyond the bearing”, and we want to show how allowing us to create a complete subassembly solution for you — from the outset — will help you reap a number of outstanding benefits.

We invite you to work hand-in-hand with our bearing
engineers to:

  • Overcome development challenges
  • Boost application performance
  • Drive down expenses
  • Avoid production issues
Rather than spec a variety of components, spec a laborsaving subassembly from the start and — with our help — ensure equal tolerances, enhance compatibility, improve cost containment, and increase application efficiency.

Learn more about the benefits of a subassembly solution. And to see our subassemblies in action, read our medical device case study.

We’d like to encourage you to submit your current components design and request a FREE design analysis of a possible subassembly solution that will help you get the most out of your application and reduce total development costs. To speak with a Sales Engineer about your project, call 1-800-243-3374. We’re sure we can help you identify cost reductions RIGHT AWAY.

Subassembly Graphic

Streamline Production
& Reduce Costs
with a Custom Subassembly Solution.

The numbers speak for themselves. Creating a subassembly that integrates the bearing into the design up front rather than a
stand-alone bearing and components from other suppliers will help you simplify and save. Review diagram 1 or diagram 2 for real world examples. Or submit your design for a FREE personalized analysis. The difference might surprise you.
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Get it right the first time. Choose National Bearings.
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