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  Thrust Washers
Thrust washers differ from standard washers or spacers because they must carry a bearing load and not wear out over time. To perform, thrust washers must be heat treated and then polished to achieve a hardness and surface finish that is equal to the bearing that is being supported. National Bearings maintains an extensive tooling inventory to produce hundreds of sizes and shapes including flat thrust washers, keyed thrust washers and tabbed thrust washers. If the exact size you need is not available, National can develop a custom thrust washer to meet your requirements.

Thrust Discs
Thrust discs from National Bearings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thrust discs are also hardened and polished to support bearing loads. Sometimes called thrust slugs, thrust discs can be D-shaped, square, round or a custom shape to fit your application. They are often made in varying thicknesses to take up different tolerances in the same application. The parts can be color coded or marked for easy identification. Similar to thrust washers, custom sizes are available with quick turn-around, inexpensive tooling.

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